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Data Center Outfitting and Energy Planning for Optimal Building Performance

Preview Webinar: October 15, 2:00 PM Eastern
Live Lab: October 22, 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM Eastern
Post-Event Webinar: November 5, 2:00 PM Eastern

Whether you’re dealing with a legacy design or mapping out a new facility, it’s imperative your mission-critical building facilities will provide optimal opportunity for your data center to operate at peak performance and efficiency. Careful planning of the design of operational systems such as the power grid, cooling, redundancies, environmental considerations, and climate controls is as important to the success of the business as oversight of compute, storage, and networking. As the data center evolves more and more beyond the traditional on-premise raised-fl oor design, you need to be prepared with an ongoing design and planning strategy that adjusts with your data center’s and building’s operational needs. In this Leaders Lab, our expert advisor will work with attendees to help them not just understand how to establish sure-fi re plans for known conditions, but also plan for making adjustments to critical facilities on the fly as conditions change.

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The Role of Hyperscalers in your Data Center Strategy

Preview Webinar: TBD
Live Lab: October TBD
Post-Event Webinar: TBD

As the growth in real estate and workload capacity commanded by hyperscale data centers continues to explode, traditional data center operators – especially in certain geographical regions – need to determine how the hyperscalers may fi t into their own broader data center design and strategy. How do the likes of Google, Switch, and Equinix impact your own company’s data center approach? Do they become stronger partners able to help local companies achieve economies of scale, or do they increasingly become competitors as they suck up available real estate and workload capacity? In this Leaders Lab, our expert advisor will work with attendees to understand where the hyperscale market is headed and what kind of impacts – good and bad – they can have on how traditional data center managers operate their own workloads.

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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Best Practices for Maximum Data Center Uptime

Preview Webinar: TBD
Live Lab: TBD
Post-Event TBD

As data center workload demands continue to skyrocket, your business success depends on keeping the data center running efficiently. The slightest disruptions to performance are having a greater impact on business today than they did even a couple of years ago. How do you maintain business continuity with efficient failover and redundancy, and, in the event of an inevitable disruption, how do you best recover from failures? In this Leaders Lab, our expert advisor will help the attendees understand the latest technologies and processes that will help you achieve maximum data center uptime in a more demanding business environment and provide you with new best practices for disaster recovery planning.

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The Data Center Balancing Act from the Core to the Edge

Preview Webinar: TBD
Live Lab: TBD
Post-Event Webinar: TBD

In our virtual Leaders Lab, we’ll be discussing best practices for using and integrating technologies from power to compute in a data center landscape that is quickly evolving outward from the core. We’ll explore strategies for managing complexity, integrating facilities design with IT infrastructure implementation, and building collaboration with all the stakeholders. We’re well past the days where legacy infrastructures – that is compute, storage, networks, software, power, and cooling – are designed and implemented individually in the data center. That kind of approach no longer is feasible to meet the growing demand of enterprise applications and the explosion of data in today’s business. Understanding how to balance the requirements of all of the components in real time for a highly scalable data center will enable your businesses to grow and deliver for customers at the pace they demand.

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August 16-19, 2021

Global gathering: All Leaders Lab participants are invited to a special networking event hosted at Data Center World the evening of August 15, 2021. Results from the Leaders Labs and the resulting whitepapers will be shared at Data Center World. 

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