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This is unlike any professional event you’ve attended before. Being part of an AFCOM Leaders Lab is like belonging to an exclusive club. Only the best of the best in the industry are selected from those who apply to attend. They come together to produce authoritative reports addressing key issues facing data centers today and in the future. Participation requires the full commitment of attending two virtual meetings and one half-day, in-person meeting.

Pre-Lab Virtual Meeting Agenda (30-60 Minutes)

  • Welcome and participant introductions
  • Introduction of the topic and goals for the final whitepaper
  • Review any pre-work necessary (e.g. assigned reading and/or notes to bring to the live meeting)
  • Establish expectations for the in-person Lab, discuss rules of engagement and logistics
  • Review what participants will experience at Data Center World 2023

In between the pre-Lab virtual meeting and the in-person Leaders Lab, we may recommend that participants complete a small amount of pre-work, which may involve reading an article or two and/or making a list of notes to bring to the Lab. (Estimated time = 30 minutes)

Leaders Lab Agenda (In-Person)

8:00amArrivals and Light Breakfast
8:30amWelcome and Introductions
8:45amOpening Remarks from Lab Advisor
9:00amWorkgroup Begins
10:00amWorkgroup Resumes (3 tables of 7 participants each)
12:00pmLunch and informal feedback from each group
1:30pmLab concludes

Between the in-person Leaders Lab and the post-Lab virtual meeting, all participants are asked to read the draft of the whitepaper, which will be provided approximately three days prior to the post-Lab virtual meeting. (Estimated time = 30 minutes)

Post-Lab Virtual Meeting Agenda (30-90 Minutes)

  • Group discussion to provide feedback on the draft of the whitepaper
  • Answer questions from the Tech Writer to help complete the whitepaper
  • Review tips for how participants can share the whitepaper for personal branding, career development, etc.
  • Review what to expect at Data Center World and provide instructions for free registration

Total Time Commitment = Up to 9 Hours

Total rewards as a participant and Leaders Lab alum, as you gain practical experience, earn industry credibility, and receive recognition as a thought leader in the data center industry:

  • Free All-Access Pass to Data Center World, in Austin, Texas, May 8-11, 2023
  • Recognition at Data Center World, where Leaders Lab key findings will be presented to all attendees
  • Authored content, certified by the Data Center Institute Board, to put on your resume and share with your organization and network
  • Acceptance in our private LinkedIn group for Leaders Lab alumni only
  • Exclusive networking reception at Data Center World to meet face-to-face with all Leaders Lab participants from across the country
  • Ongoing relationships with an exclusive group of your experienced peers