What is a Leaders Lab?

An AFCOM Leaders Lab is a think tank comprised of data center professionals across the United States who explore solutions and develop responses to the most critical issues facing data centers today.

  • Big Data/Machine Learning
  • Disaster Operations/Recovery
  • Energy Crisis/Efficiency
  • Hybrid Architecture
  • Internet of Things
  • Security

Exclusive gatherings of thought leaders driving innovation, education and advancement of data center technologies.

The AFCOM Leaders Lab groups will meet in six cities across the U.S. to tackle some of the industry’s most pressing challenges. And, their work will be shared with their peers during a keynote session at Data Center World Global in March, 2018.

Learn what participants can expect at a Leaders Lab.

Lab Specifications

  • Participants will include 18 invited end users and 3 vendor participants in each city
  • Meetings will be hands-on and problem-solving in nature
  • Each group will examine one specific topic and will create one tangible deliverable for the industry
  • Attendees will be invited based on qualifications and their willingness to participate in the full lab experience
  • Vendor sponsors will participate in the full lab experience, alongside end users, as co-authors of the deliverables
  • Tech writers will attend each lab in order to help groups produce the final deliverables
  • Each lab will be led by a Lab Advisor/Subject Matter expert and guided by Table Leaders and a DCI Board Member

Lab Deliverables

AFCOM Certified

The resulting deliverables from each group will be Data Center Institute *Certified* and outputs will be presented live at the 2018 Data Center World Global event, in conjunction with the Data Center Institute State of the Industry Survey.