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Houston, TX

Houston, TX

Bridging the Data Center - Aligning IT, Facilities and Business to Meet New Capacity Demand

Too often, the discussion of facilities and IT “needing to work better together” refers to a human resources issue. However, there is more at stake – the bottom line. Ten years ago, reliability was the top priority; now data center leaders also have to prioritize smart CAPEX and OPEX spending, along with 7x24 uptime. Plans for data center power and cooling must match the growth in IT build-out, all in support of business objectives. Effective capacity planning cannot happen without close coordination between IT and facilities. This Leaders Lab will explore how to overcome gaps in the understanding of each discipline, develop a mutual appreciation for challenges they face, examine the interdependencies, and determine the performance objectives and success measures that can be communicated to the c-suite for buy-in.

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